Gas Purification

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Reflect Scientific offers three different types of purifiers for removal of moisture, hydrocarbon, and oxygen from carrier gases.

All have been proven cost effective in preventing column degradation, eliminating baseline drift and maximizing the accuracy of analytical data.

They have been designed for optimum rate and breakthrough capacity. For best overall results in contaminant removal they should be used in combination.

Custom manufacturing of purification devices is also available. We can handle a diverse range of chamber designs with materials of construction such as Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Teflon and Polycarbonate.

If you'd like to find out more about Gas Purification, and more about what the Reflect Scientific team can do for your specific project, call 801-226-4100.

Type 1: High Capacity Moisture Trap

  • Treated with ultra pure Helium
  • Reduces H20 to less than 15 ppb

Type 2: Capillary Grade Hydrocarbon Trap

  • Purged with ultra pure helium
  • Activated carbon base

Type 3: High Capacity Oxygen Trap

  • High efficiency getter
  • Reduces 02 to 15 ppb
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