EUV Fixed Wavelength UV Absorbance Monitor

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The EUV model is a low cost fixed wavelength light absorbance monitor designed for chromatography. Although it does not have the sensitivity of our VUV-14 analytical unit it is ideally suited for applications where there is a relatively high absorbance signal or where the amount of sample is not limited. The EUV can be used with a computer or configured as a standalone unit.

Light sourceMercury lamp 254 nm
Optical designInterference filter with lamp noise correction
Wavelength selectionHg lamp: 254 nm with +/- 20 nm band pass filter
Input/Output ConnectionsUSB
Sample Cell Flow cell with 5mm path length, total dead volume 9 uL (illuminated volume)

Fixed Wavelength

The EUV uses a replaceable low pressure Hg lamp for a wavelength emission of 254nm.


Sampling is accomplished using a gasketless flow through chemically inert cell with a path length of 5mm.

Low cost, low maintenance

The EUV utilizes a unique optical design that eliminates expensive optical components but still provides a good detection sensitivity. Total part count has been reduced resulting in a very easy to service, rugged design.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Visacon offers complete units for private label to individual modules designed to fit your specific application. For further information please contact us.

Rugged, minimal parts design

Lowers cost while maintaining acceptable sensitivity for high analyte concentration applications. More rugged than typical analytical instruments allow its use in industrial settings.

No gasket sample cell

Our no gasket sample cell makes cleaning and repair simple. Unscrew the cell, clean and reassemble.