VUV-40F Dual Beam Fixed Wavelength Absorbance Monitor

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The VUV-40F is a dual beam, fixed wavelength, optical absorbance detector for liquid chromatography. The OEM module can be configured in a variety of ways from standalone operation to incorporation into a dedicated analyzer. Choice of light source includes: Hg and D2 lamps for UV absorbance and high intensity LEDs for the visible range.

A series of sample cell options are also available from preparative to micro volume. Standard data output formats available are USB, RS232 and IEE488. Typical applications are in HPLC systems, dedicated analyzers and private label instrumentation.

    * Constant temperature with standard 10 mm cell (air).

Light sourceLow pressure mercury lamp 254 nm
Deuterium 190 nm-400 nm
LED (discrete wavelengths)
Xenon flash 200 nm-800 nm
Optical designDouble beam (sample/reference)
Wavelength selectionCustomer replaceable interference filter (filter not required on LED light source however it is application dependent)
Wavelength accuracyDefined by elemental line emission characteristics of the lamp
Wavelength precisionBetter than +/- 0.2 nm
Band passLow pressure mercury lamp < 0.1 nm
Deuterium/Xenon lamp typically 10.0 nm at half height (dependent on interference filter)
LED 5 nm-40 nm dependent on wavelength
Noise*<+/- 1 x 10-5 AU over 30 sec period peak to peak with 1.0 sec rise time
Drift* <+/- 1 x 10-4 AU over 30 min period peak to peak 1.0 sec rise time
Input/Output Standard configuration USB I/O
Optional 24 bit analog output or IEEE 488
Data rate can be fixed or variable from 80 samples/sec to 30,000 samples/sec.
Cells5mm, 10mm path length STD cell; 5mm, 10mm path length High flow cell; micro cell, prep cell

Variety of light sources

The VUV-40F can be configured with Hg, LED, Deuterium or Xenon light sources allowing a wide selection of light throughput, wavelength selection, power and sizes to fit any application.

Dual beam

Compact patented design keeps the optical unit small but with the performance of larger instruments. This allows smaller dedicated OEM designs or smaller footprint for stand-alone instruments.

Advanced electronics

High-resolution output can be accessed by USB or IEE488 protocols. Fully programmable parameters using a host computer are permanently stored in non-volatile memory. Easily integrated with OEM analytical systems. Stand-alone operation configuration for private label instruments is also available.